National Society of Colonial Dames of America – Minnesota Chapter
Dames Trip to the Capitol
Dames Trip to the Capitol


The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Minnesota

On October 8, 1896 the Minnesota Society was admitted to the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America with 14 charter members. This original group of women had ancestors that contributed to our country's founding. Currently 106 women whose ancestors were part of the colonial development of America are members. 

Our mission:
  •  to educate others about the stories of our founding and histories.
  •  to serve, honor, support and preserve history.
  •  to foster friendships bound by dedication to service to our country and communities.

Operating Year: May 2017 - April 2018

President: Ms. Muffy MacMillan
First Vice President: Mrs. Marian Bond
Second Vice President: Mrs. Ruth Stryker-Gordon
Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Kitty Petit
Recording Secretary: Ms. Tammis McMillan
Treasurer: Mrs. Kathleen Boe
Historian: Mrs. Ginny Brodeen
Registrar: Mrs. Lois Mackin
Board of Managers
Program Chair Open: Vacant
Term expiring 2017: Mrs. Marian Bond
Term expiring 2018: Mrs. Susan McCarthy
Term expiring 2018: Mrs. Kitty Petit
Term expiring 2018: Ms. Ann Essling
Term expiring 2018: Mrs. Ginny Brodeen
Term expiring 2019: Ms. Katharine Winston
Term expiring 2019: Mrs. Mimi Stake
Term expiring 2020: Ms. Tammis McMillan
Term expiring 2020: Mrs. Kandi Osborn
Term expiring 2020: Mrs. Lois Mackin
Term expiring 2020: Ms. Christine Podas-Larson
Term expiring 2020: Mrs. Mary Ellis Peterson
Patriotic Service: Mrs. Mimi Stake
Patriotic Service: Ms. Katharine Winston
Historical Activities: Mrs. Mary Ellis Peterson
Museum Properties/Ramsey House: Ms. Christine Podas-Larson
Communications: Ms. Ann Essling
Program: Vacant
Lady of Dumbarton House Board: Mrs. Susan McCarthy
Regent of Gunston Hall: Mrs. Kandi Osborn
Ass. Trustee, Fr. of Sulgrave : Mrs. Kitty Petit