National Society of Colonial Dames of America – Minnesota Chapter
Minnesota Capitol Building
Minnesota Capitol Building
March 26
March Board Meeting
The Dames board will meet via GoToWebinar. Login information will be sent to members of the Board of Managers in March 2019.

March 28
Regional Conference 2019
The Louisiana Society of NSCDA is very excited to host the next Regional Conference.   We are inviting not only the two Regions but anyone in ...

April 6
April member meeting
The April member meeting will be a tour and box lunch of the newly refurbished Bell Museum. For information on the museum and its collections, ...

May 4
Annual meeting
The Como Park Conservatory will be the venue for our 2019 annual meeting. For information and directions, go to this link.

Dames Scholarship Recipient Wins Award

The University of Minnesota let us know that Dr. Patrick Mendis, Dames scholarship recipient in the 1980s, has won the International Confucius Award. You can read about it here. The U also maintains a web page that includes the history of the scholarship and alumni profiles - check it out anytime here. Congratulations, Dr. Mendis!

Lineage Papers Online!

We have been working behind the scenes to bring genealogy resources to our members. Lineage papers for current members are on line in the "Members Only" section of the website. We are adding past members frequently. Check out the "Lineage papers by ancestor" pages where we are just beginning to upload and organize papers by qualifying ancestor - you may find new cousins! History Sketches are also being updated - this month's sketch features Julia Bowen French Metcalf, Minnesota Dame # 001.

A Ramsey Family Christmas

 One of Minnesota’s first Colonial Dames, Marion Ramsey Furness, daughter of Alexander and  Anna  Ramsey, wrote to her daughter Anita, who was studying in Paris over Christmas 1895. She writes of Anita’s younger siblings Alexander and Laura, and mentions receiving three calendars for Christmas (“so I can keep the run of 1896 in many languages”) and cooking oysters in a chafing dish for Christmas dinner because the servants were off. Marion is a founder of NSCDA-MN. After her husband’s death, Marion and her children lived with her parents in the Alexander Ramsey house. Anita made a provision in her will for the Alexander Ramsey House to be cared for jointly by the Colonial Dames and the Minnesota Historical Society. We have both Anita’s and Laura’s lineage papers, and while Anita went through her mom’s lines to Joseph Kirkbride as her qualifying ancestor, Laura went through her father’s side to Captain Roger Clapp. For the full letter and photos, see Marion Ramsey Furness under History Sketches.  

Minnesota Dames Included in U of M newsletter

The photo and note below was included in the most recent Global U: Spotlight on Teaching, Research and Engagement from the University of Minnesota. 
Way to go Meryl, Katharine, and Ann!
For the full issue, click here.

Minnesota Dames tour LeDuc House

Minnesota Dames toured the William and Mary LeDuc house in Hastings for their fall program. Visit our Gallery for photos of our tour. Built between 1862 and 1866, the LeDuc estate's Gothic Revival design was selected by Mary Bronson LeDuc while General William LeDuc was away fighting for the Union in the Civil War. Construction delays and cost overruns  due to the war were among the many financial setbacks faced by the family. The original estimates were that the house would cost under $5,000, but the final bill was $30,000 despite compromises like substituting pinewood fireplaces when marble had been in the original plans. We learned of William and Mary's lives and those of their four children, including a delightful escapade described in a tour of the library. Several of our Dames remembered Carroll Simmons, the antiques dealer who donated the house for preservation. Despite the chill, it was an enjoyable tour and is well worth the visit for those of you who were not able to join us. Thanks go to Kathleen Boe, Marian Bond, Kitty Petit and Jennifer Peterson for planning and executing our visit, including carpools. To view photos, click here.

Dames Support History Day 2018

The annual History Day Contest, conducted in March 2018, involved more than 5,000 young scholars at regional and state History Day events. The Minnesota society once again awarded prizes for History Day day entries in the area of American Colonial History, and several Minnesota Dames served as volunteer judges.
The 2019 theme is "Triumph & Tragedy in History." Minnesota Dames will continue to sponsor prizes and provide volunteer judges. See the History Day page for instructions on how to sign up as a judge.
Minnesota History Day is sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society in partnership with the University of Minnesota.